Wim Hof Method – ‘the Iceman’ 10-week Video Course Gb

Wim Hof Method – ‘the Iceman’ 10-week Video Course Gb 3.5 out of 5 based on 27 ratings.

Wim Hof Method Video Course: Fundamentals | 19.4 GB.

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Program is a 10 week online program with the sole.

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Wim Hof Method – ‘the Iceman’ 10-week Video Course.

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Our flagship product -the original 10-Week Video Course- is universally loved. After 4 years, with the help of useful recommendations from many in our community, we figured it was time to expand our product line. That is why we are proud to announce our brand new product: the Wim Hof Method Fundamentals Video Course!

Learn the Wim Hof Method through 10 comprehensive training videos, accompanied by a series of homework assignments to reinforce your practice. The course starts off easy and becomes progressively more challenging, allowing your mind and body to adjust to the increasing stimuli, and letting you find your own limits.