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A Tale of Two Cities: What’s Driving Capital to LA vs. New York? – “I think the primary drivers are similar, and capital of all types wants to be in both markets,” Seth Grossman, a senior managing director in Meridian Capital Group’s L.A. office, said. “They are two.

Research from the University of Oxford says.

It has long been thought that children who spend more time engaged with digital devices suffer worse sleeping patterns.

and robust research is.

I have described several factors that may lead long-term investors to choose different portfolio strategies from short-term investors, including changing real interest rates, mean-reversion in stock returns, and labor income.

"An Intertemporal Capital Asset Pricing Model.

forthcoming from Oxford University Press. * John Y. Campbell is a.

Henri Servaes and Ane Tamayo, The role of social capital in corporations: a review, Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 33, 2, (201), (2017). Crossref Florian Justwan and Sarah K. Fisher , Generalized Social Trust and International Dispute Settlement , International Interactions , 43 , 5 , (717) , (2017) .

Robust finite mixture regression for heterogeneous targets.

Modification of the prolonged mechanical ventilation prognostic model score to predict short-term and 1.

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This difficulty arises because, as discussed above, the solar resource is both variable, exhibiting daily and seasonal patterns that are largely predictable, and intermittent, exhibiting short-term variation that is largely unpredictable.

Research Affiliates Commentary – Alternative Risk Premia: Crisis or Opportunity? – A darling of the investment industry, ARP strategies have been attracting abundant attention and capital in recent years. By harvesting robust.

more the pattern of short-term vacillation.

Race for Chicago city council: Candidate surveys – I can’t speak to my voting patterns with the next mayor.

My strategy involves both short term.

dispersed for selected projects needs to change so that small or community based developers can plu.

Opportunities to change development pathways toward lower greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency.

A rapid capital stock turnover brought about by.

The other major challenges with momentum include higher volatility and the associated left-tail risk of severe performance crashes. These traits make it difficult to adopt momentum as an investment strategy and may explain why we don’t see many pure momentum strategies in the marketplace, where value strategies are ubiquitous.