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Mark: We talked to a bunch of small businesses which like did this same strategy of buying lures for Pokéstops. One pizza shop in Brooklyn said they spent $10 dollars on lures and sales increased 30% over one weekend.

Big read: 2018 was the year of online hate. Meet the people whose lives it changed – Facebook removed nearly 3 million pieces of hate speech between July and September, a 15 percent increase from the start of the year.

"I don’t want this to be a mark on my career," she says. Six mo.

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Realestateu – Business Transformation Avg Assessments on residential and commercial property will rise around the state an average of 9.1 percent. growth in the dev. Single-family homes on the western portion of Galveston Island, extending from Teichman Point to 61st Street, saw the greates. Average time to sell a D-FW home is now the longest in years – The average