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The Different Aspects of Rebranding. Rebranding and brand revitalization can be as small scale as some subtle changes to the company or product graphics e.g. brand identity, packaging tweaks, sales literature updates, vehicle livery, staff uniforms and website refresh or as major as a full blown name and culture change affecting both the intangible and tangible aspects of the brand.

Looking for the best sales conferences to attend? Here's our top 7 sales conferences that you should attend in 2017!.

Sales Conference #1.

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News story from one of the source universities: Balloon filled with ground coffee makes ideal robotic gripper. (Cornell University, October 25, 2010.) The movie here includes some demonstration of how the device works, along with a good explanation.

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BrainStation’s Agile training course is designed to equip you and your team with the skills to improve your core processes at each stage of the project lifecycle: planning, execution, and delivery.

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So if all eyeballs are on your image, then it only makes sense to put key messages on said image, like Merchology does: This is the sort of thing that might excite many a direct-response copywriter.

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